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AWU Statement: BP

March 12, 2020


Thursday, 12 March 2020

Daniel Walton, National Secretary:

“Sacking Scott Tracey over a light-hearted meme shared among friends was madness. This man has had to endure over a year of drama and uncertainty simply because BP didn’t get a joke.

“BP’s choice to drag this drama and uncertainty out further is hugely disappointing. The Fair Work Commission’s ruling was crystal clear. It also passed the pub test with flying colours.

Brad Gandy, Secretary, AWU WA Branch:

“Very few people outside of BP management would think it reasonable for someone to be sacked for sharing a light-hearted joke about the bosses outside of work hours.

“If I was BP I’d be acutely embarrassed my mismanagement had been globally exposed. The fact they wish to drag this matter out further still — instead of simply giving Mr Tracey his job back – is baffling.

Enclosed: AWU Statement in PDF

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