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Victory for Cleanaway Members!

April 18, 2024

In a resounding display of unity, employees at Cleanaway have firmly rejected proposed agreements, with an astounding 95% majority. This victory underscores the commitment of workers to advocate for fair and reasonable working conditions.

For years, employees have been tirelessly pushing for better conditions, having worked off the award for an extensive period. Cleanaway finally came to the negotiating table late last year, presenting their model agreement which sparked intense debate and scrutiny among the workforce.

One of the central issues at the heart of negotiations was the proposed shift in ordinary hours, from 7.6 hours a day Monday to Friday to 9.6 hours a day Monday to Sunday. This change would have allowed Cleanaway to roster employees over weekends, potentially disrupting work-life balance and impacting family and social obligations.

Initially, Cleanaway’s offer included maintaining double-time for Sundays but proposed shifting Saturday rates to a flat time and a half for the entire day. However, employees staunchly objected to these changes, highlighting the unreasonableness of the proposed Saturday rates. Following intense negotiations, Cleanaway eventually relented, offering time and a half for the first 2 hours on Saturdays, followed by double-time thereafter.

This concession by Cleanaway underscores the importance of collective bargaining and the power of the unified voice of workers. It serves as a clear reminder that employees are unwilling to compromise on their rights and values.

One of the central issues sparking intense debate during negotiations was the proposed overhaul of ordinary hours, transitioning from 7.6 hours a day Monday to Friday to a demanding 9.6 hours a day Monday to Sunday. This controversial move by Cleanaway aimed to enable weekend rostering, potentially wreaking havoc on work-life balance and disregarding employees’ crucial family and social commitments.

Moving forward, this victory energises the workforce to continue advocating for positive change and upholding their values as workers. It reaffirms the significance of solidarity and collective action in achieving meaningful outcomes.

In the face of ongoing challenges, Cleanaway employees stand united, demonstrating their resilience and resolve in pursuit of a better workplace for all.

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