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PPK workers walk off the job – rally for fairer deal!

April 5, 2023
AWU Members on strike!

Dale McNamara likes to claim he’s a friend to workers in the Hunter but he has betrayed the trust of his employees at PPK.

He froze the pay of PPK employees at the beginning of 2021, and when they objected he told them he just needed them to stick with him until a big merger went through. He said as soon as PPK returned to profitability he’d make it up them.

Well since then the merger with Valley Longwall International has gone through, profits are massively up, and yet workers are being asked to accept a deal that does not come close to keeping pace with the cost of living.

It’s easy to talk about how you’re a friend to workers when you’re driving around in fancy cars, but tougher to put your money where your mouth is.

Instead of constantly running for office maybe he should take care of his ethical responsibilities much closer to home.

PPK workers won’t accept a sub-par deal that doesn’t give them a fair cut of the profitability they’ve helped create.

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