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The Australian Workers’ Union believes workers should be able to flex their collective muscles just as hard as bosses or politicians. We believe in delivering practical measures, beyond noisy rhetoric and slogans, to improve the lives of ordinary working people.

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Delegate’s Centre.

Delegates are the lifeblood of our Union. Being a delegate is a vital role, and carries significant responsibility. The AWU Delegates Centre has been developed to help you perform your role as a delegate.

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Get Informed.

Sometimes we all have to stand up for ourselves. And when it happens, you need to know your rights. Knowledge is power, and AWU members have access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise in their union.

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The AWU believes that training is crucial to building a strong union. That’s why we provide delegates with access to comprehensive training courses – so you can best represent and assist members in your workplace.

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Diversity in the AWU.

The AWU is a diverse organisation that draws on the incredible diversity of our country. The AWU is an equal opportunity employer and expects this of all of our member employer organisations.

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