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QHealth Bargaining Update: What You Need to Know

February 4, 2020

QHealth EB10 Bargaining Update:
What you need to know.

4th February 2020

After achieving some massive wins for Queensland Health AWU members after taking protected industrial action last year, we’re working as hard as possible to finalise the agreement so it can be put to a full workforce vote.

During bargaining for a new EB10, AWU members were able to lock in major improvements in their conditions at work, including:

  1. Proper backfilling for all operational staff.
  2. An independent review into workplace bullying.
  3. Real action to improve workplace health and safety.
  4. A 2.5% per annum pay rise, and a $1,250 sign-on bonus.
  5. Including part-time employees in the closed merit selection process.
  6. An increase to the foul linen allowance.
  7. Improved access to training for operational staff.
  8. No reduction in terms and conditions.
What is currently happening with Bargaining?

After a significant majority of AWU members voted in December to give their in-principle support to the latest offer made by Queensland Health, the AWU has immediately worked to finalise drafting and updating the Agreement to lock in our bargaining wins and put it to a vote of the entire workforce as soon as possible. Before the Agreement is voted on, all staff will have the opportunity to review the final copy. While this process happens, protected action will remain suspended.

What happens after the Agreement is voted on?

If the workforce votes to approve the Agreement, it will be certified by the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission, and new conditions won by AWU members like real action on backfilling and an independent review into bullying will come into force. Should the Agreement not be voted up, all EB10 bargaining parties will need to meet again to continue bargaining

When will the workforce ballot happen?

While there are no guarantees on when Queensland Health will finalise the new agreement for a vote, the AWU is hopeful this process will be completed by March or April. The AWU will be doing everything we can to make sure this vote happens as soon as possible.

When will we receive our pay rise, backpay and $1,250 sign-on bonus?

The AWU has been fighting for the $1250 payment to be paid as soon as possible. If the Agreement is voted up by the Queensland Health workforce, all other payments from the Agreement should come through soon after that. While the wait for a new pay increase can be frustrating, by securing full backpay, AWU members have guaranteed that nobody will be worse off.

Why was protected Industrial Action so important?

When QLD Health made their first offer in September last year, it completely failed to take any real action on many of the issues affecting AWU members. It wasn’t until thousands of AWU members across the state stood together, took action, and demanded a better deal, that QLD Health finally came to the table with a better offer that included action on backfilling, bullying and workplace health and safety.

When will the Agreement come into effect?

Conditions of the new agreement, like proper backfilling, action on workplace health and safety and an independent review into bullying and harassment will only come into effect if a majority of staff vote to endorse it and it is certified by the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.

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