Our Union


AWU members get a better deal at work.

We stand together to improve pay, conditions, and job security.

We help each other when the situation gets tough.

The history of Australia cannot be written without reference to the Australian Workers’ Union.

Since our formation in 1886, we have stood up and delivered for working families.

We began representing shearers and miners. Today our members work in manufacturing, steel, aluminium, glass, oil & gas, aviation, agriculture, construction, state public services, local government, health, plastics, hospitality, food, paper, resources, aquaculture, the beauty industry, events, and racing industries.

Our members are as diverse as the industries they work in, but we are unified by the belief that when we stand together we are stronger together.

Union fees are tax-deductible and according to ABS figures, union members earn an average of $275 per week more than non-union workers.

If you want the protection and strength that the AWU provides – join today by calling 1800 298 753 or by visiting our join page.


National Officials

National Executive Members

Marina Chambers
National President

Paul Farrow
National Secretary

Kade Wakefield
Assistant National Secretary

Gary Henderson
National Vice-President

Tony Beers
National Vice-President

Patrick Wood
National Vice-President

Sue Pethick
National Vice-President

Sandra Doumit
National Vice-President

Stacey Schinnerl
Queensland Branch Secretary

Mark Raguse
Queensland Executive Officer

Kurt Neumann
South-Western District Secretary

Tony Callinan
New South Wales Branch Secretary

Paul Delaney
New South Wales Assistant Branch Secretary

Ron Cowdrey
New South Wales Assistant Branch Secretary

Ronnie Hayden
Victorian Branch Secretary

Jimmy Mastrandonakis
Victorian Assistant Branch Secretary

Brad Gandy
West Australian Branch Secretary

Peter Lamps
South Australian Branch Secretary

Ian Wakefield
Tasmanian Branch Secretary

National Office Team

Paul Farrow
National Secretary

Kade Wakefield
Assistant National Secretary

Mark Fagan
Chief Operations Officer

Debra Bushell
PA to the National Secretary

Laura Cook
Operations Assistant

Zach Duncalfe
Senior National Legal Officer

Simon Miller
National Legal Officer

Chris Donovan
National WHS Director

Chris Hughes
National Trainer

Miranda Jamieson
National Trainer and Campaigns Officer

Shane Roulstone
National Mining Organiser

Jonathan Cook
National Organiser

Latileta Gaga
National Administration Officer

Thomas Mortimer
Policy Director

Alana Drayton
National Communications Director

Rufus Dadd-Daigle
Contact Centre Supervisor

Deanna Senica
Contact Centre Operator

Neeve Nagle
Contact Centre Operator

Veronia Ficarra
Contact Centre Operator

Olivia Lee
Contact Centre Operator

Clement Wang
Contact Centre Operator

Cheyne Howard
Contact Centre Operator

Be a part of our community.

Join the AWU.

Stronger together.


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