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Better protections for mining workers announced

February 4, 2020

The AWU has welcomed new industrial manslaughter laws which will give better protections for mining workers.


AWU Southern District Secretary Mark Raguse said over the last eighteen months alone we’ve seen eight workers on mines and quarries in Queensland tragically lose their lives while at work.

“As far as the AWU’s concerned, one death or injury at work is one too many,” Mark said.

“That’s why we’ve been fighting to get industrial manslaughter law for the mining sector to hold mine bosses to the highest possible level of accountability for safety.

“This means that mine and quarry workers will finally have the same protections that many other Queensland workplaces take for granted.

“We’ve spent years fighting for this change, because making sure AWU members have access to safe workplaces is always our first priority.

“With the Queensland Government formally introducing these laws into parliament, we’ll make sure that mining bosses are held to the highest level of accountability possible to maintain safe worksites.

Mr. Raguse said that tough penalties would apply to anyone found in breach of the laws, with maximum penalties of up to $13 million and 20 years’ jail.

“If these new laws make a mining boss think twice before sending a worker off to do something unsafe, it means the laws are doing their job.

“Every Queensland worker deserves the right to go to work knowing they’ll be able to head home safe to their family at the end of every shift.”

Every worker should be able to go to work knowing they’ll be able to head home safe to their family at the end of every shift.

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