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Woodside continues to stand alone in terms of bastardry with callous job axing

March 24, 2020

Woodside has cemented its status as the poorest corporate citizen in the oil and gas sector by summarily standing down 500 workers at both the Karratha Gas Plant and Pluto LNG without a word of explanation or a dollar of compensation.

The workers were simply told by management to go to the airport and will now fly home without any idea of what the future holds. It follows the standing down of 400 offshore workers without pay on Friday.

Woodside’s approach to the COVID-19 crisis is in contrast to major competitors like Shell and Jadestone, both of which have consulted with employees and their unions to minimise the impact of COVID-19 measures and provided additional flexibility and special payments.

The Offshore Alliance — a union alliance between the Australian Workers’ Union and the Maritime Union of Australia – will continue to fight to get Woodside to the table.

“Everyone understands changes have to be made and pain has to be shared. But Woodside’s treatment of its workers is brutal, cold, and unnecessary,” said Daniel Walton, spokesperson for the Offshore Alliance and AWU National Secretary.

“The nation of Australia has been spectacularly good to Woodside over recent years, you’d think it’s now time for Woodside to return just a little of the favour.

“Summarily sending hundreds of workers back to the airport without a word of explanation is just a woeful abdication of responsibility during this pandemic crisis.

“Australia desperately needs workers like these to retain some optimism if our economy is to avoid a depression. Woodside is being an appalling corporate citizen by refusing to lift a finger to help.”

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