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Australian Farming Sectors records the best results in 17 years

June 8, 2021

Did you know that the Australian Farming Sector has recorded its best results in 17 years?

Yet Farmers still claim they can’t afford to pay workers a reasonable wage.

Recent Government data has confirmed that The Australian farming sector has recorded its best results in over a decade with production and profits at all-time highs.

These results prove that farmers can make good profits and pay decent wages at the same time.


At the start of the pandemic the farming industry claimed that they wouldn’t be able to get Australians to work in the industry. That the lack of migrant workers would see crops remain unpicked, and the industry devastated.

But, it appears that farmers can actually find willing workers when the market forces them to pay decent wages.

These figures show that the farming sector’s historic reliance on migrant workers is more about having access to easily exploitable and cheap  labour than actually getting the job done and paying a decent wage.

The AWUs current case to vary the horticulture award would see a minimum guaranteed hourly rate for all farmworkers.

If successful, the case will make the exploitation of farmworkers much harder. The case won’t get rid of piece rates, but will mean that all farmworkers will get a guaranteed hourly rate and a liveable wage.

Sign our petition to support the AWUs campaign for fair farmworkers wages here

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