Delegates Training Level 2

Delegates have already undertaken a Level one (1) development course to build on their key skills and knowledge to help them work effectively in their workplace. The Level two (2) program has been developed to continue an integrated learning approach by taking further steps in their development and within their branch. After completion of level 1 there will be a 6-month minimum gap to gain practical experience before undertaking level 2.

Course Descriptive

This course assists AWU delegates to further develop their skills to actively participate in AWU activities.  It is designed to build on the development undertaken by delegates who have completed the Introductory Level 1 course. This course also further enhances their skills, knowledge and confidence to organise their workplace, through planning and increasing participation and activism of others.

The course has a variety of both practical and theory practises and delegates will be expected to contribute to the wider learning of the group by participating in group activities, and to actively participate in their learning. Delegates will also be expected to set goals to increase their own development.

This course aims to:

  • Provide delegates with the critical skills and knowledge to plan and organise their worksite and
  • To enable delegates to prepare and participate in bargaining at a site level

Participants will examine frameworks around planning and preparation to conduct members meetings, identifying and working with workplace leaders and activists, and to research, interpret and analyse information. There will also be an element of building on skills around negotiations and being active during the bargaining process, and an overview on continuing to build union density.


Participated in AWU Level 1 Training or be an experienced delegate with a keen interest in further development

There is a minimum gap between training courses of six (6) months.



By the end of the Level 2 Development, AWU Delegates will be able to:

  • Use strategic questions within union conversations and negotiations with management
  • Prepare & conduct mass meetings of AWU members
  • Conduct & evaluate AWU workplace meetings or discussions
  • Actively participate in bargaining process for workplace Enterprise Agreements
  • Research information relevant to their employer or workplace
  • Analyse employer strategy & tactics
  • Determine when and how to caucus with other parties (eg OHS Reps; other Unions)
  • Collect and collate information for tribunal hearings
  • Interpret and apply clauses within a relevant Enterprise Agreement, Award, and Industrial Instruments
  • Build AWU membership and participation
  • Identify & develop other AWU activists
  • Build, maintain & evaluate AWU workplace communication strategy
  • Develop their own Delegate Development Plan with relevant Organiser
  • Plan, implement and evaluate an organising plan for their workplace
  • Promote AWU within employer induction forums where relevant
  • Initiate union conversations with workers from diverse cultural backgrounds
  • Identify discrimination, harassment and bullying issues within a workplace.