Delegates Training Level 1

This course is aimed specifically at newly elected delegates, and should be completed within the first six (6) months of their appointment. It is important to recognise that the Level 1 Course is the initial stage in the development of AWU delegates. This course covers the essential techniques that underpin organising their workplace and provides the initial skills, knowledge, and confidence to be an effective delegate.

This course aims to:

    • Provide new delegates with the critical skills and knowledge to develop their confidence to use their skills effectively within their workplaces
    • Encourage further development through learning from their experience in the workplace and working with organisers; and
  • Empower delegates to access and attend further AWU union training.

The course has a variety of both practical and theory practices and delegates will be expected to contribute to the wider learning of the group by participating in group activities, and actively participate in sharing and acknowledging their experiences through conversation. Delegates will also be expected to complete tasks on completion of the course to increase their own development. This will require course follow up by their union officials to ensure it is completed and complemented.



Variations to the length of this course can be made with prior arrangements to specifically address the needs of the branch delegates.


By the end of the Level 1 Development, AWU Delegates will be able to:

  • Describe the role of an AWU Delegate
  • Explain AWU history, culture, and values
  • Initiate and conduct an individual structured union conversation
  • Chair/facilitate a discussion/meeting of AWU members in order to meet the purpose of the discussion/meeting
  • Encourage participation & activism of AWU members
  • List and describe Labour Law instruments
  • Interpret and apply clauses within relevant Enterprise Agreement/Award
  • Interview and represent members with individual grievances through the dispute resolution procedure
  • Build AWU membership
  • Analyse AWU strength within the workplace
  • Identify & assess potential collective issues
  • Plan an organising strategy for their workplace
  • Develop & implement AWU workplace communication strategy
  • Find, read and interpret information on the AWU policy & rules
  • Reflect on experience and activities as a delegate in order to learn and build confidence
  • Network with other AWU delegates; OHS Reps; other Union Delegates (where relevant)