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Support Tassie Salmon

May 11, 2020 11:31 am

Support Tassie Salmon

Our Tasmanian Salmon industry is a wonderful local success story. Since it’s inception in 1984 it has grown to one of Tasmania’s largest & most recognisable Brands. More than 5000 Tasmanians work in the industry, which provides quality, permanent local jobs for people, right across Tasmania. Tasmanian families and local towns are building their lives and communities around our Salmon industry.

With its record of producing high quality, environmentally friendly salmon, we must support this world class Tasmanian industry. Environmentally sustainable & providing economic stability for Tasmanians, it is critical we get behind this industry and help it grow & prosper into the future.

Take Action

Salmon farming employs over 5,000 Tasmanians. It gives our communities hope and is globally recognised for its excellent environmental record.

We are proud of our salmon industry.

Take action to defend Tassie Salmon and sign the pledge.

You can follow the campaign on our Facebook page here.

Be a part of our community.

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Stronger together.


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