Marina Chambers

Marina Chambers

Marina Chambers

Marina Chambers is Queensland Branch President of the Australian Workers’ Union and National President of the Australian Workers’ Union.

Marina Chambers was elected President of the Queensland Branch of the Australian Workers’ Union in 2016.

She has worked for the AWU for almost 24 years, predominantly in male-dominated industries such as Steel, Aluminium, Aviation, Glass, Construction and General Manufacturing.

Marina left school after Grade 10, working in various jobs until she began her employment in the trade union movement.

Most recently, Marina completed a Certificate IV in Frontline Management – something she never thought she could achieve, 30 years after leaving school.

She is a strong believer that taking on challenges outside your comfort zone brings with it great opportunities.

As National President and member of the AWU National Executive and the AWU Women’s Committee, Marina has played an instrumental role in promoting women’s issues through the Union and supporting various social and community issues such as the White Ribbon Campaign, International Women’s Day and Beyond Blue, to name a few.

Marina will continue to work with delegates, members, and the AWU Executive to promote and support the interests of all AWU members.

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