COVID-19 and Your Rights at Work

Protecting You Rights at Work

AWU members have been putting in the hard yards to keep Queensland and the Northern Territory running during this incredibly challenging time.

Unfortunately, we’ve already heard far too many stories of employers using COVID-19 as an excuse to weaken terms and conditions of employment and rip workers off.

With recent Federal Government changes making it easier and quicker for employers to strip back your rights at work, it’s vital you know exactly where you stand.

Using a global pandemic to target your workforce is nothing short of disgraceful.

If your employer tries to:

  1. Vary your enterprise agreement
  2. Change your roster or hours of work
  3. Force you to use up your annual or long service leave
  4. Do anything to cut back or change your terms and conditions of employment

Remember: any change to your terms and conditions at work can only happen if a majority of workers vote to approve it.

If your boss tries to change your conditions at work – speak to your workmates and vote no.

It’s only by taking the time to vote no that you can save your conditions at work.

We’ve prepared an important guide to protect your terms and conditions of employment – make sure you read it and share it around your workplace.

If you have questions or concerns about any of the above, contact your AWU Delegate or Organiser immediately or use the form below.

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